About Our Company

Reading is considered as the most intelligent habit. Reading is intelligent but it's also enriching, soothing, escapist, inspirational, transformative and a timeless journey. The habit of reading opens the door for completely new universes which existed merely as tiny filaments in our dreams. With the transformed approach, Uniknews.com brings you these unimaginable filaments of wonders to your doorsteps. We are a team of dedicated book enthusiasts creating a dream from 2020 and working to deliver the dream to every book lover in India. Through our journey we have developed an app to make the book purchase easy. We have held events all over the nation which witnessed a gathering of thousands of book lovers. We sell new books, old and used books, rare and limited editions, everything under a single platform. We also provide you with an opportunity to sell us books instead of letting them rot at the bottom of your bookshelf, in return for more books.