Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy for Uniknews

1. I Uniknews does not provide refunds for reports that have been generated. In case of errors on the part of Uniknews, a corrected report will be sent to the purchaser on receipt of the compliant by the purchaser to the Uniknews support team via telephone or email.
2. I In the rare instance of the purchaser not receiving the reports in the maximum time specified in the 'Delivery of Services' section above, a refund will be provided to the purchaser within 2 (two) working days on receipt of the compliant by the purchaser to the Astrolife support team via telephone or email.
3. I The refunded amount will be the full cost (100% of the price) of the specific report that was not received by the purchaser. Uniknews will not be liable for any additional costs.

(b) subscription services

* You agree to pay any subscription fees at the rates in effect when the charges are incurred.

* Certain areas of the Uniknews sites are only accessible to users who pay to subscribe. There are two levels of subscription - free content for registered users, which mostly contains content up to 72 hours old; and paid subscription, which allows you complete access to relevant content, including all content in our archives, in the section of choice or the entire website, or through newsletters.